Tools & Tech

We understand each paid media platform’s AI-driven bidding algorithms and optimization features — and we leverage our knowledge of their intricacies to maximize ROI for every campaign. This omnichannel approach ensures you reach your optimal audience, wherever they are in their customer journey.

Media Strategy & Planning

Navigate the paid media world with confidence. Our strategic paid media expertise transforms your goals into a comprehensive media roadmap, optimizing exposure and brand resonance.

Paid Search

Unlock and maximize your business potential with targeted paid search campaigns that drive traffic, amplify conversions, and boost ROI.

Paid Social

Elevate your brand’s online presence and engagement through our paid social strategies. Connect with your audience, spark conversations, and achieve remarkable results.

Programmatic & Display

From precision targeting to eye-catching visuals, our programmatic and display solutions drive impactful impressions that lead to conversions — delivering your message with unrivaled efficiency.


Unlock new avenues of product sales growth through marketplaces. Leverage our expertise to optimize your presence on diverse e-commerce platforms, expand your customer base, and maximize revenue.


Streaming success redefined. Win with our streaming video and audio strategies, you can engage your target audiences and cultivate a loyal following.

Omnichannel, data-backed and creative fueled.

Your audiences don’t follow a linear path to conversion. Customers consult an average of 10 sources, and 90% switch between devices and platforms to complete tasks online. Winning paid media strategies require full-funnel focus and optimization across Google, Meta, Amazon, and more.

We impress your audiences in the moments that matter to them. If you’re not delivering consistent, eye-catching messaging along the way, your competitors likely are. Khan Media is a paid media agency that can help you take your campaigns from bust to boom.

Targeted reach.

Reach your ideal audience with pinpoint accuracy. Whether through demographic, geographic, behavioral, or interest-based targeting, ensure your message reaches those most likely to convert. Emphasize the power of data-driven strategies to optimize ad placements and maximize ROI.

Immediate and measurable impact.

One of paid media’s key advantages is its ability to deliver rapid results. Paid media campaigns can generate quick visibility, clicks, and conversions. The metrics and analytics associated with paid media also provide real-time insights, which lets you gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and make prompt, data-backed adjustments.

Enhanced brand visibility.

Elevate your brand’s visibility and authority with the right paid media campaigns. Through strategic placements on popular platforms and websites, your brand can position itself as a leader in your industry. Consistent and well-crafted paid media efforts help reinforce brand identity, foster trust, and create lasting impressions among your target audiences.

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